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Month: August, 2010

First sex in the first relationship

The fat girl has no sex experienced at all and a few months ago have met the fat black lesbian that has lusted her through the two eye balls that cannto stop moving to the fat girl big boobs and fat ass. They got really close and joking around with one another makes them fell in love. As they got on into a relationship, it came to the point that the black lesbian asked for some tender loving touch and kisses for them to feel it real. At first it became pretty scary and so confusing but in the end its like drugs.

Loose her virginity in confiding feelings

The black lesbian had a new relationship with another woman after the first girl relationship that terribly failed on the trust issues, wonders and very little communication.She have dated into varities of boys out there but no one in them have got the pussy preserve for years but this black lesbian didn’t regret of losing it to the person that she have come to love so much for the second time of her life. It happen in as gentle as the wind blow when they are talking intimately how deep their love for each other that made the black let it go just like that.

I kissed a girl and I like it..

After they have shared wine, the song ” I kissed a girl and I like it..” came on the radio while unintentionally at the same time both said that is was there favorite song. The two black lesbian laugh and wondering asked the question “Have you ever?” to the girl with tiger outfit. Then in a cracking voice said not yet but it can be while slowly crawl on top of her in the bed quivering wanting her pussy. The black lesbian gets hot and none of the things can’t react with the highest point of sex that is happening.

The boss played her personal assistant

Pretty black lesbian’s tongue runs up and down her new personal assistant’s clit that this nerdy girl’s burning body is shaking uncontrollably. Her clit was taken into her lips after a seconds and begins to suck on it very hard with tasting factors. The assistant was crying out lying in there with a pillow placed under her ass has lifted her up and open for the black lesbian easy access.The assistant has no guts to fight and struggling in every good and worst pump of the vibrator in her vaginal hole that makes her totally insane which this fucker enjoys seeing her this way.

Good grip helps the girls had its best

When this chubby face black lesbian have a good grip of the panty using her teeth, her partner starts to cry with lustness and preparing herself to feel the happiest and kinkiest routine in her life that brings by her wild black lesbian sex partner. Her vagina was being suck thoroughly and swallowed secretions into the mouth that another high oragasm rocks and take place. Then the one being sexed wants to have a something to grip and grit so she has turn facing the chair while her rapist still continues the finger licking good in her smelly vagina that is shavened.