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Month: June, 2010

The came back to the couch with her

They came back to the couch, took the rug off the back and threw it on the floor. Two black lesbians taking each other hand stood up and finished undressing each one like a insane pussy cats. Sexy girl knelt down over the top of the other girl and lent over so that girl’s breast were stroking her and they kisses with licks on the sensitive part of the body where many spots of sexual arrousement can come out. Black lesbians could feel the moisture between each legs that releases a hot sweat and also a body spasm against her caress.

Naked bitches at the corner of the living room

The black lesbian girl climb on the top of her when they are both naked which her hands is permitte to roam freely over my body, as they position theirselves lying on the corner of the living room. She put one leg up and places it on the lean side of the couch and the other just been wide open on the opposite side.Slowly over the girls tits, the black lesbian can feel her juices stir and mildly drip from the cunt of her which excites her pussy to be also in that position of moaning in the air and begging to harden the suck.

Became friends and soon as sex partners

The two black lesbian are friends because of heir girlfriends hat introduces them to each other. When became close are sleeping over with one anothers house to be able to talk to their girlfriends that are sister which lives in one house. In just one glimpse during the deep night, a lips around one’s neck was on the job and greedily went on the nipple that made the other girl sit from lying over the sofa. One of the middle finger of the black lesbian which in and out of the cunt makes them really into each other wet clit.

Arrousement in the blood streams flow

The smell of sex was intoxicating the two black lesbians and so as one of them was so wet that is almost running down the hips.The situation made the other one stick her finger and began finger fucking the girl who was has pushes her to came up with this things.The black lesbians reached their own wet panties with their legs shaking and muscles pulsing which have full force of arrousement in the blood streams.As they are undergoing in this scene, the the other kitty lesbian kisses her partner and twirled tongue around and gave a gentle grit bite on the lips.

One side of sex story whom love ruled

Balck lesbian gently cupped the other girl’s breast wit her left hand and sucked in the nipple together with a playful tongue. This lady’s skin was so sweet and there was the faint smell of perfume between her breasts while the black lesbian seen her girl deliciously good with her beggining has decided to go down by sliding her wet pussy on her legs and knelt totally to sip and stroke the pussy of her lovable girl who make her stomach full with those flesh that are fresh and tasty to be eaten in her whole life without regret in mind.

Summer trip together at the beach

On one hot summer day,there was everyother girls walking in the beach with bikini outfit that illustrate more of their sexiness while getting some fun in which the two black lesbian got aroused. The two get sleepy and a bit tipsy in the middle of the night so they decided to go in bed.Upon reaching their rent house,one of the black lesbian sowly made its way to started fucked around the room where both of them are horny and wet the whole touring the spots in the outside.While each held gentle touch on the body,suddenly began kissing,necking,sucking and squeezing such hot fucked body.