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Month: May, 2010

The three inseperable friends fucked together

The three black lesbian are very horny ladies whom only want to make out with girls of different types which all must have pussy. Two of this group have a relationship and had some steamy encounters together so some of the people around says they are the best of friends with benefits. The three became inseperable,eventhough one hasn’t have business with them in sex but there come a time that one of them started to envy making out of the two and joined surprisingly with its two piece pink underwear that the breast are bit spotted. And the black lesbian got more wild and experimented a threesome lick.

Morning sex is a music to our ears

Two black lesbian wasn’t feel good about their love making last night so one of them took off panty and fucked the pussy of the first cummer using her fresh mouth from bed. After the first one is done, she does fucked also her partner who do the first move by fucking her in a doggy style position. Of course, largest dick toy came in the story to gave more pleasure in the pussy facing backward but reachable at any angle. Thus,brought out their whole day into a happy,alive and stress free from any problems that will arised through the day.

The return of cousin came out hot

Black lesbian girl recently became close with her cousin visited their family whose from the other country which they hadn’t seen since leaving from their house at the age of eight because parents get her already.In her childhood days,she was all ugly and nerd but totally changed a lot in her come back.Black lesbian was a bit nervous that they will share in the same bed and noticed cousin throwing lusty stares at me. After lesbian hands slowly groping into cousin panties and a good thing is she response her a kinky welcomed holding a big cock toy to be used.

One sided happiness because of love

They are long time friends in one company but with diferent status in lifestyle because the other is rich and the other only comes from a poor family which practiced a different principle in dealing with things. Black lesbians are very open with each other which anything can be a topic of their conversation. Due to the other black lesbian love for her friend, when they get naughty after their work in the sex scandal videos, poor sex girl des help her friend cum naturally off camera by giving a good lick in her flirty pussy that was been played earlier and didn’t got to let go her true dirtiness.

Quick make up sex with her ex

Her ex black lesbian visited her home exactly when her brother left for a vacation trip with her girlfriend which is a very right time for them to talked about the unsettled split up.When the other black lesbian throw the garbage outside, she saw her ex standing outside the gate and have easily decided to let her in because the set up inside is very convenient because no one can disturb.Orgasm arised in them so they made a quick sex right there in the visitors room which a mutual lick and finger fuck in their vagina goes very wild and exciting.

Making love is their passion when together

When black lesbian grand mother went out of the house, he immediately texted her friend to come over their house because she was all alone. As soon as she arrived,they come closer on each other body and started kissing while clothes are already been remove which the black lesbian liked the way she made love to her. They became so horny that couldn’t take any longer so pushed each other on bed and augment on top and under one another naked body to feel the heat which each can say that their are addict in making out when it comes to them.

Sisters fucked with each other in an awkward way

Black lesbian lady has a very unforgettable sex story in her life. She is a lesbian who is very open on her life, she searched for some other lesbian to come and joined with her as she explore the world with some new techniques and ideas on upgrading her sex life. One night when she feeks horny she called some of her friends to make out with her. Apparently there is a one girl who replied for her message but guest what it is her younger black lesbian step sister they both dont know that the girl they been messaging is one of her step sister. So they got no choice but to make out with each other.

Two lady bodyguards fucked at the waiting area

Their old woman boss stayed at the office because of some heartbreaking news from the maid regarding her husband mistress that was been brought in their ranch where the two black lesbians are indeed to go with her at the middle of night. Due to tiredness, they awaken one another by having a fuck together after stimulating juicyness from within. They did several fuck until the boss gets awake because a part of their job is to stick the body of he boss in their two sex eyeballs. Black lesbian had release a bunch of sticky shit that left a lot of stain into the sofa.

Two black girls played with a black cock

Two black lesbian played with a black cock that fucked their wet pussy, before that this two black lesbian hottie went to a parlor to have their hair done because they are going to have a saturday night out party the other girl with a curly hair brings her sex toy because she just wonder that some lesbians want to make out with her but she got no idea that her friend is the one who will joined a great night with the big black cock. As the morning shines they got no one to slept with so to their frustration they use the black cock with each other

Two fine arts student experienced wild sex

Two college black lesbians did the same art in their blank canvas as a remembrance after they graduated.The color represents their personality and has story behind that flowery painting. It means their pussy are now will be together forever and they already put a mark that its taken. After they have do their art, as always take a shot of vodka and let themselves perform the art that doesn’t need a pattern. Two black lesbians has new art of sex in here which is fucking with a swim wear outfit which their chocolate flavor pussy can be reach fastly by their bitches fingers.