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Month: October, 2015

What are the true hallmarks of real fuckfriends

The funny thing about the phrase “adult friends” is that it’s too easy for people to think that they know what it means. For many very basic people, adult friends mean friends who are over the age of 18. Well, no duh. That is so obvious and so shallow it’s quite laughable. That’s not what adult friends mean. Adult friends has a very specific meaning especially in the world of anonymous online sexual dating. We are talking about adults that develop friendships online, but the whole point of the friendship is so that they can fuck each other. We are talking about adult friendships.


And it’s very easy for the typical, red-blooded, all-American guy to look at this as a purely physical situation. It’s very easy for them to look at adult friends as a cheap and easy way to fuck. While there’s a lot going on with that definition and there’s definitely a lot to be said for it keep in mind that you’re cheating yourself from a wide range of other benefits. When you are serious about truly developing friends and later on cashing in on the sexual side benefits, you would be much better off on a site like findfuckfriends. Why? Those friends can be your support network. The great thing about these types of friends is that they are anonymous enough for them to give you objective advice. But they are also intimate enough so you get to fuck them. It’s kind of like getting your cake and eating it too.


Unfortunately, too many guys are completely blind to this. They let the pussy blind them. They just focus on the fact that they can get laid with adult friends. I’m telling you right now, if that’s the only benefit you are looking at, you are obsessing about the wrong thing. You really are. Why? There’s just so many other benefits on the table. We’re talking about people that can talk to you when you’re down. We’re talking about people that maybe able to give you anonymous leads as far as job searches or business leads are concerned. There’s all sorts of possibilities. The sky’s the limits because, guess what, there’s a tremendous amount of trust there. For a woman to spread her legs and invite you to fuck her she trusts you. So pay attention to the wide vista of opportunities opening up for you. Don’t just focus on the pussy.